Just Right! A Veteran's Life: A Snapshot of the Greatest Generation Through the Life of Master Sergeant Albert M. Fernandez U.S.A.F. by Bob Richardson


Kindle Publication Date: May 17, 2015
Published by: 7 Top Secrets Publishing

Paperback Publication Date: January 10, 2015
ISBN-10: 150619222X
ISBN-13: 978-1506192222
Published by: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform



Albert M. Fernandez Master Sergeant U.S.A.F. served in World War II, landing on the beaches of Normandy on D Plus 6. This book is the story of one man's life that demonstrates how and why his generation became known as "The Greatest Generation.

With a short History of Tampa, Florida and World War II as well as the United States Air Force and the Air Force Reserves generations to come can discover the secret of living the American Dream.







**I received a free e-copy of this book from the author but this has not affected my review or rating in any way.**

This is the story of Master Sergeant Albert M. Fernandez U.S.A.F, his good life with his family in Tampa Florida until the depression hit, how he became one of the boys in the 40's who were forged by war into men, his journey in serving his country, his life after the war and why his generation is known as The Greatest Generation.

A 20 yr.old boy who did what he was called to for his love of his country.....He and the other boys who turned into a fighting machine in the war who had to leave their homes and family knowing that they might not make it back home alive. This is a great read that would make readers remember and appreciate more the service men in The Greatest Generation.

This is a short biography with short history of World War II, United States Air Force, and Air Force Reserves.

This read reminded me of my late grandpa whom I used to ask a lot about wars in his generation.

A recommended read.
Author, Pastor, Dynamic Motivational Speaker, International Entertainer:

Bob Richardson is the Senior Pastor at Interbay Community Open Bible Church in Tampa Florida. He is an Author, Inspirational Speaker and Entertainer. Bob has been an international entertainer for over 25 years traveling around the world doing stage, TV and radio appearances.

Bob Richardson attended The State University of New York at Oswego for Broadcasting and Graduated from Florida Beacon with a Bachelor of Biblical Theology. Bob was a specialist in the Military Intelligence Corps and Has Written hundreds of articles on living life to its fullest.

Bob Richardson is available for interviews and booking speaking engagements. You can contact him through his website at: pastorbobrichardson.com
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